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Self Assessment of Your Business
You can use this form to fill out for yourself as a self assessment of what is
happening at the present time, or to sent to us as an initial contact. We will
contact you, no obligation, to answer any questions you may have, and to
propose the type of help we feel we can extend.

Country of operation
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Your Name

Type of business

Contact details

Questions assess where you are at the present time
Instructions: Please answer questions briefly.

Do you feel that you are

Where are you in terms of number of customers
you hoped to have by this time 

What types of advertising are you currently using?

What is your target population(s)?

What steps have you taken to contact this population?

If you are continuing to make capital improvements,  please specify.

If you are lacking something , what would you say it is?

What attracts people to come to you?

What types of changes do you envision in the near future?

Why do you feel that things are the way they are right now?

Does your answer fully account for current situation? If not, add additional here.

What are most important factors contributing to your present situation?

What have you done to make this better? Also indicate if it has helped or not.

If you have sources of support in the community, please specify in general.

What are the major problems which you are facing?

Do you have a way of solving these problems?  If yes, indicate what.

What have been the high points so far?

What have been the low points?

If you could change one thing, what would it be?

What type of help do you feel that you could use at the present time?


To save your answers: When you click send, you will receive an immediate feedback with abbreviated questions and your complete answers which you can then copy and save to a text file. Or you can save this page and its answers as follows: Be sure your cursor is not in one of the input fields, select Edit on the tool bar, click 'select all', select 'copy' and then paste in a text editor. Answers in multiple choice fields will not be saved. Also, be aware that 'save as' under File does not save any answers.