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Things to check before you rent
or buy a location for a store

If you like the thrill of driving on empty, do not
take any of the following into consideration.

If your business depends on foot traffic
  • Do a survey of the foot traffic on your side of the street according to type, composition, overall volume, daily peaks and troughs, seasonal shifts, new construction plans in the area.
  • Do a survey of other businesses or attractions in the area which may provide coincidental customers.
  • Check out the successes and failures of the businesses before you in the same location and length of tenancy.
  • Find out by contacting previous owners what went wrong if anything. Determine if  the negative rating, if there is one, is due to customer availability, advertising, services, conflicts or policies of building owner, city regulations, etc. The more investigative work you do, the greater the chances are that you will survive if you can overcome, through pre-knowledge, the pitfalls of business in a particular spot.
  • Do a survey of other competing businesses in the area and what the advantages and disadvantages are to opening your business in a particular spot.
  • If necessary, recalculate the costs of situating in one spot as against another in terms of possible profits. A higher rent area may net you far greater than a lower, unless you realistically determine that you can overcome any impediments which might exist.
  • Determine on what the rent or purchase price is based. This may take some digging and asking around. Never shy from approaching others in the area for information, opinions, etc.


Most shops cannot open up on the basis of a previous tenant's concept of design, and functionality. But make a clear assessment as to how much renovation to do, and most importantly, when to do it. On the idea that your business should be based on the quality of your product and your services, it may not be necessary to pour large amounts of valuable funding on reproducing Caesar's Palace, unless that is all you ever wanted, with or without customers. The concept of renovation over time as additional needs, increased visibility and functionality dictate specific changes and additions, provides the basis for growth in success. Take a look at where McDonald's started in San Bernardino, California.

Advertising  (just a few pointers)
 Store Front
  • If you do not have a known brand, determine what type of advertising will appeal to the different types of foot traffic.
  • If you plan on doing advertising, be sure that your brand, logo, and store front advertising will be instantly recognizable by passersby whether foot or vehicle. Make it simple but powerful.
 In Store
  • Be sure that your main sales attraction is highlighted visually.
  • If there are add-ons, be sure that they are highlighted, available, described, priced, etc. so that the customer can make an informed decision.

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