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Turning your business around through customer development

                    What I can do for you. This is a partial category list
                                   For the details within each category, contact me

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    • Increase walk-in traffic flow
    • Identify potential customer groups within area
    • Development of ways to reach out to potential customer base
    • Inclusion in local internet directories
    • Increasing the visibility of store to local area population
    • Development of mailing lists for newsletters, product announcements, special pricings
    • Development of repeat business by different customer types
    • Identification of alternative products unique to your area
    • Assessment of competition and emphasizing your uniqueness and offerings
    • Generation of different general forms of advertising
    • Development of advertising for specific groups
    • Development of ties and interaction with other businesses in your area toward increasing customer base
    • Utilization of the internet and newsletters to your advantage for new customers, and repeat business
    • Creating an online store
    • Development of in-store and at-home product awareness for specific groups of customers
    • Development of use of visual aids to ease and enhance purchase decisions
    • Development of Incentive purchasing
    • Development of referral based sales
    • Development of connections with institutional groups and reaching out to provide product
    • Development of different ways of providing potential customers with products
    • Development of group event and special interest purchasing
                                       In Tel Aviv (972)-3-604-6836  or email  Morgan