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The business context

In an era in which business is starting to drop off in many areas, innovative ways of approaching markets and generating interest is necessary. New businesses are particularly prone to the need for redefinition in order to move forward, and to find new areas in which their product can be utilized. Success often comes not only through hard work but from solving the problems posed by the new economy.

Who I Am
Yale University undergraduate in History
University of Southern California Ph.D. in Demography
Taught in three major universities on three continents
Have a great deal of experience building internet sites
Director of the nonprofit Global Crisis Solution Center
Dual citizenship Israel/United States
Living and working in Tel Aviv

A selection of my relevant articles

Layoff? Is There An Alternative?  
  Some of the moves to consider before becoming
  just another casualty, or before adding to a cycle
  of the unemployed in an ever worsening downturn
Help in finding money, social services
  work at home, nonprofit counseling, government
  benefits, grants, jobs, new   career help 50+
Realistic Decision Making
Basic Principles and Rules of Action